Surviving the Holidays Single: How to Enjoy the Holidays Single

Sleigh bells may be ringing, and in the lane snow may be glistening; however, you can NOT seem to get out of your funk. The best and worst thing about being single….is being single. Being single has it’s perks, don’t get me wrong…but being single during the holidays can have it’s horrible down falls.

Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season can be just as rewarding and fulfilling single, as it would be if you were not.

Appreciate What You Have (and what you don’t have):
Let’s take for instance, the simple fact of no arguing! No arguing about who’s parents houses you are going to. No arguing about who’s house do we go to first? Do we skip one parent because they are too far this year? Or do we skip a parent because we have seen them every year prior, and now it’s time to share. As a single person the dilemma of where to go for the holidays simply is not an issue. You can bask in the fact that you make your decisions. You can go home to your family, or go play with your friends. The world is your playground, and the holidays are no time to make the exception.

Don’t Overlook Your Importance: On a deeper level, just because you are single does not mean you are not as important as the mother, or the father that is married with children. Getting together with your family or close friends during the holiday season still remains the same. The true meaning of the holiday spirit lies within yourself. Some may think it’s more materialistic with all the fancy gift giving. Some may think it’s the best time to roll up their sleeves and start baking everything they normally would not bake during the regular season. For others, it’s merely just spending quality time with their family. Engaging in wonderful stories of the past, and discussing what the future holds. Laughing with one another by the fire or Christmas tree while they drink eggnog. Cuddle with their childhood dog or cat when they go home and reminisce of the days when they were young.

Financial Comfort:
Let’s take it to a different step… to the financial side of things. Considering you are one person, you do not have to fret about buying gifts for your in-laws and their entire family. The gift giving stays simple and may grow as your family grows, but more than likely will be considerably less than having your own family.

Building A Stronger You:
Miranda Lambert wrote a song called, “The House that Built Me.” She paints a picture of a young girl going back home to where she grew up. She talks about losing herself in the big world we all live in, and how if she just goes home to remember, it just might ground her yet once again. The holidays are much like Miranda’s song. This is the time for self reflection and realization. A time for giving and forgiving and learning to be forever present. Just because you have not found the right person to walk down the aisle, does not mean you can not enjoy the holiday season. It merely means you should enjoy this time even more, because something truly amazing is in store for you.