Creating a Strong Relationship Foundation: Steps to keep the structure strong

As we all probably know, houses are built on a strong foundation, with a structure built on top of it. Buildings stand tall and maintain structure through the stress of natural events of mother earth. Without the foundation, a house will fall, lose it shape, and basically be useless. This concept is the same for couples. Relationships need a strong foundation while going through the natural stressors, such as financial tension, disagreements, external pressures, etc. Foundations need to be strong, without cracks, and with a solid and secure area. Take a look at your relationship foundation. Is your structure built on a solid connection, or is it uneven, cracking, and falling apart? Focus on rebuilding your relationship through connection, trust, and communication.

Here are a few things that can help build a strong foundation in your relationship:

Tighten up the connection: House structures aren’t held together through tape, nor should a relationship. Tighten up the connection through showing your partner that you are there, connecting, hugging, kissing, and showing affection. Greet your partner with a kiss, leave with hug, say hi with a touch, etc.

Strengthen the Trust: Show your partner that you are trustworthy and that you also are willing to trust. You might not be able to change your partner, but you can influence them by your behavior. Take a look at the message you send to your partner about how much you trust them, along with your behaviors being trustworthy.

Communicate your side: Don’t just talk, communicate. Talking gets us no-where. But communicating is about letting your partner see the underlying stuff, the real stuff. Why not step out and show your partner what is really going on. Learn to detect your reactions and slow them down. Get to know what you feel, and then share it with your partner in a more productive way.

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