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Is My Partner Family Obsessed?

  Here are some ways to tell the difference and how to handle a family obsessed partner. What is the difference between family oriented and family obsessed? Being family oriented means the family spends quality time together, celebrates with one another, and supports each other during difficult times. On the other hand, a family obsessed partner will make you feel like you are always competing with their family – and can never win. It can be hard to feel like a priority when you are dating someone who is enmeshed with their family. Your partner’s mom may feel threatened by your relationship and throw a tantrum for attention. Your partner may be too worried about upsetting their parents so they always “takes their side” to make them happy. It can feel like your family obsessed partner is always on stand-by for their parents and siblings, not completely present with you. Or that relationship decisions aren’t between you and your partner, but between you and your partner’s family. Family

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