The Couple's Get-Away Retreat in San Diego

The Couple's Retreat: Real Answers for Real Relationships May 2010

Looking to get away? Or simply have a mini stay-cation here in San Diego? I got something that for you! Your relationship retreat where you can grow your relationship, improve your intimacy, and create healthy communication.

This retreat is designed as a unique, one of a kind program in San Diego. This cost effective relationship workshop and retreat allows you to decide how much money and time you want to spend on your relationship. You can simply attend the 4 hour workshop, or make it into a romantic get-away for the entire weekend.

An In Depth 4 Hour Relationship Workshop

Your relationship expert will spend 4 hours delving into what it takes to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. This unique seminar will provide strategies to improve communication, help with heal past wounds, steps to stop the endless fighting, and tools to create a secure emotional bond.

Relationship Package

* 30 Day Challenge to a Stronger Relationship E-book
* Date Night Calendar
* Relationships in the Raw: A CD full of articles on building a successful relationship

Date Night on Us: Bring a change of clothes, "dress to impress," and dress-up after the workshop for your date night.

* Makeup Artist: Get your free session with Tracy Duhs, celebrity and editorial makeup artist, to prepare you for your date. She is also the owner of The Sanctuary Spa in Ocean Beach of San Diego.
* Dinner at the Atoll Restaurant: Located within the Catamaran Spa Resort, the restaurant has beautiful vistas of Mission Bay. You have the option of either sitting inside in the main dining room or out in the open air patio to feel the beautiful ocean breeze of the bay in San Diego. A special menu has been prepared, and you will receive complementary dinner and non-alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages may be purchased seperatley.
* Bahia Bell Cruise on the Bay: The focus of the relationship doesn't end after the continues throughout the night! Bring a change of clothes for a night of dancing, live music/DJ's, and beautiful vistas. A cash bar is available for those wishing to enjoy a class of champagne or cocktail on the cruise. The length of time on the boat is optional and tailored to your desires. Throughout the night the boat ships back and forth from the Bahia Hotel and the Catamaran Resort.

When: May 8th 2010
Cost: only $130 per couple!!
How to Register: Register for Retreat

Jennine Estes is a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC#47653) in San Diego. She works with couples on building strong relationships and improving their bond. To learn about your San Diego Therapist, visit Jennine's website

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