Love Notes on a Coffee Cup -- A Great Way to Start the Day!

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Most romance needs a good jump start in the morning if it's going to keep moving throughout the day, ending with a candlelit dinner in the evening. Some people leave love notes around the house, but in my home we leave daily notes on a coffee mug since we love to wake up to a nice hot cup of coffee!

There is nothing like waking up to a good cup of joe AND a special note. I found these amazing mugs on Amazon that can kick start your day in the romance department with daily love note surprises.

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Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas:

1. Make it simply an I Love You Kinda Day: You can use the chalkboard space on the front of the mug to write good luck wishes, draw cute pictures, or just express a simple "I Love You" to make your spouse smile the first thing in the morning.

2. Flirty Flirty: Yes, you can make it cute and romantic, but you can always make a little sexual teaser or date plans. Don't just make it cute or plain, spice it up with a little hint of fun! Make a date! The photo shows a fun dinner date, yet with a little spice to it.  "Me + You + Dinner @ 6pm = Fun, Love, and Shh..."
3. Take Turns!: The best part about these mugs is that you can take turns surprising each other. You will both have a moment of excitement in the morning when you wonder, "What could be written on my mug today?" Use these miniature chalk boards as an opportunity to tell your partner exactly why you love him or her, give positive encouragement, or make them laugh. 

4. Words of Love or Encouragement: These messages are especially good on days when you know your spouse is emotional or sick -- your message might be just what they need to get out of a funk! You can also use the space to ask for a date night, or surprise him or her with by saying you've planned a weekend trip away. The possibilities are pretty endless, just have fun!

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